PU Industrial Chair -TOSC

PU Industrial Chair 27/7




Hamilton HSD - TOSC

The Office Seating Company, Hamilton HSD.



Moonah Stool Short -TOSC

The Office Seating Company, Stool Short.



Moonah Stool Tall -TOSC

The Office Seating Company, Stool Tall.




The Office Seating Company, Hamilton HST.



Therapod Multi-Purpose Stool

+ Tool Tray

Therapod Sit Stand Stool


Therapod Multi-Purpose Stool

Moisture resistant surface
140mm gas spring

Therapod Sit Stand Stool



Therapod Flexform Chair Drafting

Flexform Chair Drafting

Stem Magnum 632DC

Magnum 632DC

Stem Champion 603D

Champion 603D